Sumiyaki Jujigun

We operate under the motto of "environment, recycling, and employment opportunities," and have developed "Sumiyaki Jujigun," which enables you to produce in 24 hours wood vinegar and charcoal, free of the carcinogen benzopyrene, through easy temperature control. To further add to its value, "Distillation Jujigun" is also available.
-Sumiyaki Jujigun: wood charcoal production system; fueled by propane gas to produce charcoal in one day
-Primary wood charcoal products: bamboo vinegar distillation type & wood vinegar distillation type.
-Secondary charcoal products: bamboo charcoal soap, charcoal shampoo, etc.

Our wood recycling involves charcoal production, compost production, mushroom growing, anticancer drug material and equipment development, charcoal granulation, and a waste fluid drying/recycling system. Our secondary processing and merchandising technology provides bamboo charcoal soap, charcoal shampoo, and other charcoal products. The "charcoal market chin" promotes active charcoal businesses, with no membership charge, complimentary sales wagon supply, and free-of-charge exchange of leftover products twice a year.

ST1215 ST1818
Size Diameter 1,200mm,Long 1,500mm Diameter 1,800mm,Long 1,800mm
Contain 1M3 3M3
Add Heat Way LP gas LP gas
Add Heat Hours 4Hour 5Hour
Cool Times 12Hour 15Hour
materials Wood,Bamboo,unhulled rice
How to use Chacoal Fire fuel,organically agriculture
How to use Wood & Bamboo chacoal vinegar organically agriculture

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